Investment Opportunities

Apex has a number of strategies to match all investors needs. Do you own your own home? Due to booming house prices, you may have equity in your home that we can help you access and put to use! Manufacture equity! Much quicker than waiting for organic growth in the property  market, this allows you to build your property portfolio much more rapidly than through ordinary means.

We can help you to provide an equity buffer against potential downturns in the property market and improve the rental yield due to the lower purchase price. Want to find out more? Contact our office today for a free no-obligation consultation!

Our Projects

“Real Estate investing, even on a very small scale, remains a tried and true means of building an individual’s cash flow and wealth  ”
– Robert Kiyosaki

Premium Services

When Apex Empire locates a project that meets our criteria, we issue registered investors
with an Information Memorandum and meet with them to discuss the project.
Investors who wish to participate select their property; make the cash contribution
and Apex will manage the project through to completion.

Under Apex Empire, investors are able to receive significant
discounts by working alongside like-minded property
developers and investors in an independently governed structure,
in which they can develop their own pre-selected properties